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The beautiful town of Durrington has a long history and is mostly famous for its neighbour, Stonehenge. Durrington has its own henge of neolithic significance, Woodhenge. Unfortunately, Woodhenge deteriorated hundreds of years ago. However, today visitors can visit the site and see how it might have looked with concrete markers where the henge would have been.

Wilts and Hants Tree Care have been servicing the people of Durrington and the surrounding areas of Milston, Brigmerston and Larkhill since 2008. Our team help residents keep the trees on their properties and environment healthy and looking their best.

Our highly skilled team of tree surgeons have City & Guilds qualifications as well as being Lantra Awards approved. They are also NPTC (National Proficiency Test Council) certified. You can guarantee quality professional care and expertise for your trees in Durrington.

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Tree Surgery Services in Durrington SP4

At Wilts & Hants Tree Care, we’re proud of the excellent reputation we’ve built across Durrington for quick, efficient and friendly customer care whilst carrying out comprehensive tree surgery services. Get in touch with us today and we can help you cut out that disease, tackle that unruly tree, and help you reclaim your landscape.

Our comprehensive list of services in Durrington includes:

Tree Planting

Introduce life and nature into your property with tree planting. We make sure your environment is the optimal space for any new tree. We take into consideration all key elements including soil, light, ground condition, competition and drainage.

Crown Reductions

A tree crown reduction includes reducing the height and spread of the tree. This can help promote tree strength and reduce stress, as well as improve the overall aesthetic of the tree. Our team are expert in crown reductions incorporating look as well as practicality.

Crown Thinning

A crown thinning is similar to a crown reduction, as it incorporates the whole spread of the tree. However, the pruning is limited to smaller branches on the outer crown. This helps towards creating a greater symmetry and look to your tree as well as promoting health; similar to trimming long hair to keep it healthy.


Pollarding is the method of pruning a tree back beyond its branches to minimise the growth of the tree. This is a strategic method of controlling tree size and hazard reduction. We recommend that pollarding is carried out annually.

Crown Lifting and Pruning (over structures)

Like crown reductions and thinning, crown lifting is the method of pruning the lowest branches of the tree, and raising the bottom of the branches. This is used when trees can cause a hazard over structures and pathways.

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal is the strategic removal of dead branches and tree limbs, which have died from damage, disease or neglect. Our team are experts in deadwood removal, whilst saving as much of the healthy tree as possible.

Tree Inspections & Assessments

Specialising in tree health, the team are fully qualified to inspect and assess trees on your property for disease, structural integrity, potential hazards and more.


Tree felling is the method of removing the tree completely by strategically removing the tree in parts. This is a great solution for people who wish to build or fully change the landscape of their property. This also may need to be carried out to prevent disease spread and hazards in the community.

Stump Grinding/Removal

After a tree has been felled, the stump left behind will need to be ground to be fully removed for the groundwork to be carried out. Stump grinding and removal may also be necessary if you have a tree stump from previous landowners.

If you are looking for tree surgeons in Durrington SP4 for troublesome trees on your property, get in touch with Wilts & Hants Tree Care today. Give us a call at either 01722 273203 or 07599 255533 for a free quotation or email us at You can also contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

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