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Tree Crown Thinning in Salisbury and Andover

One of our most popular tree surgery services that we carry out here at Wilts and Hants Tree Care Ltd, is that of tree crown thinning and reduction. When your trees have grown unruly and start to look worse for wear, it’s a sign that your tree’s branches need to be thinned. 

Not only can unruly trees look unsightly, but they can also be an overhanging hazard to possible passers-by is the tree over-hangs onto a public footpath. If your tree is near your property, it can significantly damage your roofing and guttering. 

Tree crown reduction is a great way to control the height of your tree while keeping the overall shape and structure, allowing a spread of healthy branches to thrive. Whereas thinning the tree crown removes around 10%-25% of the crown, removing dead branches that rub and cross. This is an effective way to allow more natural light and air through the tree, which is especially needed if you live in a particularly shaded spot in your Salisbury property. 

Our team of highly qualified arborists at Wilts and Hants Tree Care help people care for their trees and environment across Salisbury (SP1), Andover (SP10), Amesbury (SP4), Durrington (SP4) and the surrounding areas. 

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When to Thin and Reduce Your Tree Crown in Salisbury

Although your tree may have lasted decades, perhaps even hundreds of years, they still need care and attention to flourish for even more decades. If you’re not particularly green-fingered and have no idea where to start with crown thinning and reduction, you may be asking yourself when you should be thinking about reducing or thinning the crown of your tree.

The tree is a living thing, and such reacts differently throughout the year. How a tree heals from pruning in January will not be the same as when it heals in September. Many factors come into play such as species of tree and tree disease susceptibility. However, the best time of year for any type of pruning from crown thinning and reduction in the Winter.

During the Winter, from November to March, trees are in their most dormant period which allows healing to happen faster without the level of intrusion of insects and disease. Not to mention that with the passing of Autumn, the tree will be clear of obstructing leaves.

If you’re wanting tree surgery services in Andover SP10 for rebellious trees on your property, get in touch with Wilts & Hants Tree Care today. Give us a call at either 01722 273203 or 07599 255533 for a free quotation or email us at You can also contact us and we’ll get straight back to you.

Expert Trusted Tree Care in Salisbury and Andover

Our expert tree surgeons at Wilts and Hants Tree Care have years of experience in tree care and can give you the best advice to care for your tree. We all work to the British Standard for Tree Work BS 3998, which provides the British Standard Institution recommendations for tree work services such as crown lifting, thinning and reductions.

It also gives recommendations on how to comply with the law in regard to trees and the environment they sit in. Your tree may be protected if there is a Tree Protection Order, given by the local authority or if the tree sits in a conservation area that protect places of historical and architectural value. For more information about protected trees, the Woodland Trust have a handy guide.

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