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Domestic Garden Fencing

Finest Garden Fences in Salisbury & Andover

Fencing is a feature that no garden can do without. A fence marks the boundaries of your land, gives you privacy and protection, acts as a windbreak, demarcates different parts of the garden and can add a decorative element too.

Here at Wilts & Hants Tree Care our fencing team are adept at erecting the finest fences your budget can run to in and around Salisbury in Wiltshire, and Andover in Hampshire.

If you, notice a good-looking fence as you drive around the area, you can bet that our experts were responsible – and that it will stand the test of time in the face of the elements. We use the best possible materials which saves on maintenance or frequent fence replacement in the long term.

If you’re not sure what type of fence will suit your requirements, we’ll be happy to advise you. We give free no-obligation quotations for fencing in the Salisbury and Andover areas.

Upturned ground and freshly laid decking. Wilts & Hants Tree Care. Tree Surgeons, Landscaping, Gardens, Fencing. Amesbury, Salisbury.
Tall fencing bordering garden. Wilts & Hants Tree Care. Tree Surgeons, Landscaping, Gardens, Fencing. Amesbury, Salisbury.

Salisbury & Andover Timber & Metal Fencing

We supply and install both timber and metal made-to-measure fencing with matching gates in Salisbury and Andover residential properties, large and small.

We erect fencing on the site of new build homes and replacement fencing where it is needed.

Choose from traditional solid timber fence panels – ever popular for enclosing gardens – with concrete or wooden uprights. Perhaps you prefer featheredge fencing with its overlapping planks which is solid and robust, finished off with gravel boards to prevent the bottom edge from rotting on wet ground.

When it comes to decorative fencing there are plenty of options, from pretty trellises and picket fence to contemporary designs that make attractive dividers or screens in the garden.

We add details like capping and finials for a fine finish to your fence, and add matching well-hung gates where required.

Neighbourly Fencing in Salisbury & Andover

Whether you’re enhancing your home with classic metal railings or a handsome featheredge fence in Salisbury or Andover, it’s wise to consult with your neighbours, particularly if you’re replacing or building a boundary fence.

Boundaries can be a bone of contention between neighbours, so to avoid dispute its best to make sure which side of the fence is your responsibility as far as maintenance goes, which side of the boundary the fence posts should be on, and if there is a joint responsibility in paying for the fencing.

If there’s a dispute consult the property deeds, or if worse comes to worst get advice from a party wall surveyor and/or the local authority.

Height of fencing can also be an issue, so be sure to avoid problems by being considerate and not blocking out the light or otherwise inconveniencing your neighbours when you install fencing.

fencing build complete with fencing panels. Wilts & Hants Tree Care. Tree Surgeons, Landscaping, Gardens, Fencing. Amesbury, Salisbury.

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